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Capital Clinic is a specialist in FUE treatment, an advanced hair transplant solution which is done by taking separate and individual hair follicles from the skin and moving them to a different part of the body where hair is thinning or absent. FUE is one of the most popular hair transplant methods in the industry and has even overtaken FUT in demand.

Are you contemplating taking steps to overcome thinning hair and saying goodbye to baldness? FUE hair transplant surgery might be the right step for you, and Capital Clinic are the specialists to deliver this procedure from our FUE clinic in Glasgow’s city centre.

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What is an FUE hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a more advanced hair transplant method of obtaining donor hair for transplantation. Instead of removing a strip of hair-bearing skin from the donor area with FUT, the hair is individually removed using a special punch tool ranging in diameter from 0.06-0.09mm. This method leaves no scar tissue and does make recovery quicker.

Hair is then meticulously implanted back into the balding area in a naturally occurring gradient to give the most natural look. Due to the inherent nature of the implanted grafts, it takes more time to perform than FUT.

Both methods are performed using advanced microscopes and under local anaesthetic to minimise post-procedure recovery. Although both methods are minimally invasive, we would suggest you take a minimum of 3 days off work after your procedure to allow time for the grafts to settle.

Why choose FUE treatment?

In terms of surgical procedures to restore hair loss, FUE is by far the most advanced and intricate. FUE won’t leave you with a linear scar–which isn’t the case for FUT-STRIP treatment.

FUE hair transplants restore hair by method of replacing old hair follicles with new ones so the targeted area will be able to grow hair.

Following the completion of the transplant, your hair follicles will begin to be nourished by blood vessels. This means you will begin growing hair in the areas which had formerly thinned or gone bald.


Full list of FUE hair transplant benefits

Some of the benefits and advantages of choosing an FUE hair transplant procedure:

  • Due to the procure being not as invasive as other methods, the recovery downtime is minimal
  • In relation to other hair transplant treatments, FUE offers more flexibility when it comes to cost and affordability
  • There is less discomfort reported with our specialists than other FUT procedures
  • Unlike FUT, the FUE hair transplant method doesn’t involve scarring or leaving any marks on the targeted procedure area
  • As hair transplants are executed with the assistance of advanced technology, you can expect superior results to other hair transplant methods


A 5-Star Rated Hair Transplant Service in Glasgow

Capital Clinic’s commitment to ensuring our clients receives the best results possible from a hair transplant is unmatched.

Our customers are very vocal about how delighted they are with the service they receive.Our team aren’t just here for you during the procedure–we are here to support you before and after.

Read what our previous customers had to say after receiving a hair transplant in Glasgow with Capital Clinic:


Why Capital Clinic for FUE treatment

At Capital Clinic, excellence is our priority. Cosmetic surgery is too often complex to organise and comes with many hidden costs and little to no aftercare. We arrange everything from your first consultation. This means you know you are getting a premium service that you can afford.

When you arrive at Capital Clinic for your procedure, our team of specialists will put your mind at ease until your treatment is finished. Our surgeons give a detailed breakdown and the length of time they believe it will last. This allows patients to know what to expect.

Our consultations are completely free. Let our team of specialists provide you with all the information you require to make your decision. We aren’t in the business of high-pressure sales tactics.

As well as our service being 100% discreet, you will be happy to know we have over20 years of experience in delivering successful hair transplants.We believe it’s an art form and our surgeons go into every procedure with this in their mind.

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