Prices start from just £3,800. All pricing quoted includes free consultation, hair transplant procedure, premium aftercare programme & transport post-procedure.

We also provide the option of luxury overnight accommodation the night before the procedure, if travelling from outside Glasgow or London. We do not believe in hidden costs or fees. We know our patients want a price that includes everything. Please be wary of websites or clinics that quote you a fixed price for a procedure on their website. The only way to find out exactly how much a procedure costs is by arranging a consultation. As a general rule of thumb, the cost rises in relation to the number of grafts (hairs). The more grafts, the more work that is required. We suggest a minimum of 1,000 grafts for any procedure as any less than this is likely to deliver unsatisfactory results. Ultimately, what our surgeons are trying to achieve is a good, natural density of grafts that mirrors normal hair. Contact us today and arrange personalised consultation to find out how easily you could transform your life.

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Our clinics are regulated by HIS & the CQC. All our surgeons are members of BAHRS & ISHRS