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Quality Service

At Capital Clinic, we believe in excellence. Too often cosmetic surgery is complex to organise, laden with hidden costs or comes with little or no aftercare. We know our patients want a premium level of service from start to finish but at a price that is affordable. That’s why we organise everything right from the first consultation all the way through to your aftercare programme. Everything is tailored to your individual needs and with no hidden costs.


On the day of your procedure, our specialist team will put you at ease from start to finish. Before your procedure, the surgeon will give you a detailed breakdown of the steps and how long they expect the operation to last. This let’s you know what to expect. Treatments usually last for several hours so we normally suggest patients make arrangements to bring either a DVD or favourite box set prior to the procedure.

Free Consultation

One of our consultants will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and will design a specific plan tailored to your individual needs. We don’tt believe in high-pressure sales tactics and none of our consultants operate on a commission of referral fee basis. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant but our consultant will be able to quickly determine what method of treatment is best for you.


With over 20 years’ experience, our specialist team of surgeons can offer you the best and most natural looking results. We are of the opinion that hair transplantation is an art form and our surgeons go into each and every procedure with this in mind. Our patients are amazed at the level of hair density achieved by our surgeons.


The first step on your journey is to get in touch with us. We’ll then arrange a consultation for you at our Glasgow or Harley Street clinic. We pride ourselves on being straightforward and discreet. We don’t charge for consultations because we want our patients to be able to make the most informed decision without obligation.


Once your hair transplant is complete, our surgeon will show you the finished result. Your transplanted hair typically takes between 3-6 months to fully develop. We have seen our patients been transformed after a procedure. Not just in physical appearance but in terms of confidence and general well-being.

Meet the Glasgow Hair Treatment Team

Our Story

Capital Clinic began almost 10 years ago and was started by two brothers from Glasgow, Colin & Graham Donachie. Experiencing first hand the transformative effects of hair transplant, they set out to transform the industry and establish a company that delivered a VIP service to all of their patients. Knowing that a number of clinics treated celebrity patients differently and provided a better service – even in some extreme cases a more qualified surgeon – Capital wanted every patient to feel extremely valued and receive a premium level of aftercare regardless of their budget.

Colin and Graham decided to enlist the services of Dr Pantelis Valvis, a qualified plastic surgeon from Greece specialising in hair transplantation.

Dr Valvis began his specialisation in hair transplantation in 1993 and has successfully carried out literally thousands of hair transplants. Dr Valvis is GMC registered and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS). He has taken part in conferences around the world, presenting his research as a plastic surgeon specialising in hair transplantation, such as: “A major stage in hair microtransplantation in extensive thinning with a rich donor zone”.

Meet the Hair Clinic Team

Dr Valvis is Head of Plastic Surgery at Metropolitan Hospital, Scientific Director of VIP Hair Clinic and Founding Member of the Hellenic Hair Transplant Company. He has also worked on hair transplantation with San Donato Clinic of Milan, Athens Beverly-Hills Medical Center and REA Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital.

The surgeon and and his skilled technicians and supported by two NHS nurses. This team allows us to ensure that patients end up with a hair transplant that looks natural and regularly exceeds their expectations. Patients are invited back into the clinic after their procedure at the 6 month mark to check their process and that they are satisfied with their results. Patients are then invited back at 12 months when the grafts will have fully grown and the transplant completed. These check up meetings are also a good forum for any questions post-procedure.

Capital are now established as one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Scotland and also expanding with a growing presence in Harley St, London. We still retain our original ethos of offering all patients a VIP service and a premium level of aftercare regardless of budget. Our clinics are fully regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and our surgeons are GMC registered.

Contact us today to book a free consultation and let us show you how a hair transplant can transform your life.

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We work from a HIS regulated clinic & the CQC. All our surgeons are members of ISHRS.